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Travel Apps to Help You on Your Next Holiday Road Trip

Travel Apps to Help You on Your Next Holiday Road Trip

Are you planning a road trip for the holidays? Holiday travel can be relaxing or stressful, depending on how well you are prepared. Luckily, you don’t have to go any further than your cell phone to get apps to help you plan your trip. Below are five popular apps that you can use on your next road trip.

Hotel Tonight – Rolling into a new town and looking for last minute accommodations? Hotel Tonight can help you find discounts on empty rooms. It’s great for last minute planning and also allows you to plan ahead. It even breaks down your choices into Basic, Hip, and Luxe so you can find a hotel that meets your style.

Gas Buddy – When you are making a long road trip, being mindful of gas prices can be worth the effort. To help you discover which gas stations are affordable vs high priced, check out Gas Buddy. It shows you gas stations with the lowest priced gas and allows you to filter options by price, location, and other gas station amenities.

RoadTrippers – This web-based app helps you take your trip from boring to adventurous. Type in your travel agenda and it will show you roadside attractions, food stops, hotels, and other points of interest. This is especially a treat when you are traveling with little ones who are constantly clamoring for something entertaining.

TripToll Calculator – Want to set a budget before you hit the road? This app will allow you to map your path and calculates the tolls and gas costs. It integrates with Google map to find you the cheapest path and covers your travel throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Waze – No travel app list would be complete without mentioning Waze. This app is basically crowd sourcing meets maps. Good for road trips or quick drives within your city, Waze will give you up-to-the-minute updates about traffic, construction, police, and other travel slow-downs. It’s useful because real people report the incidences to the app, then the Waze alerts you and allows you to reroute your trip.

There are plenty more apps out on the market for travel that cover everything from parking to restaurants. Whatever you choose to download, be sure to research early so you have plenty of options as your plans change. You never know when you’ll get a late start or hit surprise traffic jams. Doing your research in advance will allow you to craft a Plan B that can be enjoyable. And don’t forget to leave any last-minute searches to your co-pilot. We want you to arrive to their destination safe and sound so you can enjoy a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.

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