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Tips from the Scott Sherman Crew for National Fall Car Care Month

car care tips from our crew

October is a wonderful month in the Pacific Northwest for transitions. Here in Seattle, the leaves turn bright fall colors, the air blows a crisp breeze and we get to enjoy some sunny days before the rain begins. It’s the perfect transition time between the lazy days of summer and the busy holiday months ahead. October also happens to be National Fall Car Care Month.  It's a great time to make sure your car is ready for the cooler weather.

The crew at Scott Sherman Auto Care came up with their favorite tips for preparing your car for the changing season. Read on for some recommendations form Jeremy, Chris and Andy.

Tips from Jeremy

1.  Mix up Homemade deicer.  Put a mixture of 1 to 1, rubbing alcohol and water in a squirt bottle.  It melts ice off car windows in a snap.

2. If you go over the pass make sure to have winter formulated windshield washer fluid.  This will ensure it won't freeze in the bottle and be at the ready as you need it.

3.  Make sure to have your winter tires put on before the threat of snow. Alternatively, store chains in your car so you will have them ready. Nothing is worse than getting caught in a sudden snow fall.    

Tips from Chris

1. Ensure you have good wiper blades and a clean wind shield.  Smearing or streaks usually happen because of a dirty windshield.

2.  Have your battery checked before the temperature gets below freezing.  Cold weather puts the battery under its highest stress and if it's marginal, the cold could push it over the edge. 

3.  Fall is also a good time to have your cooling system checked for freezing point and corrosion.  A proper functioning system will help with defrosting, heating, and ensure your engine won't freeze at night in a deep cold spell.

Tips from Andy

1. Keep an emergency or preparedness kit in your car in case of avalanche closure or delay if you plan to travel over the pass.  Kits should have blankets, water, snacks, flashlight, batteries, and maybe a portable phone charger.  Cards or a book are a good addition to help pass the time.

2.  As the temperature changes and cools off, keep an eye on your tire pressure.  The change in temperature can affect your tire pressure.  Most tire monitoring systems only look for a difference from tire to tire, so if they all go low at the same time it may not warn you.

3.  Wash your car often.  Winter months bring wet and salted roads. The salting creates a large amount of debris and dirt on a car.  Washing it will help keep the paint nice and avoid corrosion or moss that can damage the finish.

Final Thoughts on Car Care

Looking for additional tips for car care as we move into the winter months? We’ve got more winter car advice on our blog. Or just give us a call at (206) 745-5886 to book a time to bring your car into the shop for our Fall Special for $59.00 and we will make sure your vehicle is ready for the colder months.


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