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Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Summer is suddenly gone, and the fall and winter weather is rolling in with a gusto (excuse the pun, but the crazy windy weather we’ve been having lately necessitated comment). As the holiday season quickly approaches, we would like to offer some helpful driving safety tips – particularly for Halloween, since kids running around in the dark can make it a dangerous holiday for pedestrians and drivers.

Here are some Halloween driving safety tips, although they can be used year-round:
• Be alert. During peak trick-or-treating hours (6 – 9 p.m.), you should be especially alert to kids in costume, parents who are too busy herding kids to watch traffic, and wayward decorations that could pose a safety hazard. Kids can dart across the street suddenly, so watch out for them.
• Yield to walkers. People of all heights might not see you as they plan to cross the street. If parents or kids are attempting to cross in front of you, stop and let them. Despite the fact that many parents teach their kids to ‘stop, look, and listen’ for vehicular traffic before they cross the street, not all do. A child might not know that they need to make eye contact with you before they cross, so play it safe and stop for them.
• Drive slowly. As part of being alert, keep your car moving at a safe speed so that you can safely stop suddenly if a child were to dart across the street in front of you. If a vehicle is stopped on the side of the street and blocks your route, don’t try to pass them – they might be stopping to drop off or pick up small children.
• Signal and communicate. Signals, blinkers, lights, etc. are all communication signs to other drivers and pedestrian parents. Make sure you use them, especially on Halloween, to signal to other drivers and pedestrians to let them know what you plan to do on the road. If you are stopping to drop off or pick up your trick-or-treating kiddos, make sure to turn on your hazard/emergency lights.
• Avoid residential streets. Halloween is one of the busiest holidays of the year for pedestrian and car traffic in residential areas city-wide. If you can, avoid residential streets altogether during the late afternoon and evening to stay away from those congested areas.

Click here for more Halloween driving safety tips. Stay safe this fall and Halloween!


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