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At Scott Sherman Auto Care, we are committed to helping you maintain your vehicle in optimum condition and performance. This commitment to your vehicle doesn't stop when you leave our facility.

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Get Your Ride Ready for the Auto-show!

The weather is beautiful for enjoying rides in your ride. Car show season is in full swing which gives you even more reason to spend some extra time pampering your classic or vintage car. The Greenwood Car Show is one of the best car shows in the Northwest is happening June 28th! Since everyone will be admiring your baby, take some extra time now to have it in its best condition for showing off.

You may not have had your car out during the bad weather. Letting it sit for longer than six months can cause seals to dry up, tires develop flat spots, and engine lubricants deteriorate. Hopefully you have driven your car or at least started it up every couple of weeks. Start it, let it warm up, drive gently and slowly the first couple of miles to get it sufficiently warmed up. This allows fluids to circulate, and your oil filter to remove any accumulated sludge.

Following is a basic check list of things to do to have your car in top shape for the car show season:

· Re-connect your battery if you disconnected it while your car was “dormant”. Check battery fluids and charge levels as well as look for any possible battery corrosion.

· Check the tailpipe to be sure it is hot. If so, it has burned off any potential moisture in the exhaust system.

· Run your air conditioning and heat systems.

· Power windows should be raised and lowered to keep lubricant in the window tracks.

· Make sure tail lights and brake lights are working, as well as turn signal lights and low and high beams.

· Check trunk for any signs or smells of humidity that may have occurred over the winter months. Treat the inside with a de-humidifier, if needed.

· Clean the interior with appropriate (leather or vinyl) cleaners for your seats and trim. Vacuum thoroughly and don’t forget the cracks and crevices that are hard to reach.

· Apply preservatives to your tires and weather stripping on the exterior. This slows down the drying and cracking process that occurs with age.

· After a careful hand washing of the exterior with a soft sponge and gentle detergent-free soap, apply appropriate protective coatings to the chrome and paint. Only use products that professionals have recommended for your car and particular paint. This article goes into greater detail on proper washing for classic cars. We probably don’t need to say this, but just to be safe: Never take your classic car through the automatic car wash!

· If you stored your car over the winter with a full tank of gas, make sure to drive it off and use it within the first few months of regular driving again, since gas has a limited shelf life.

· If you didn’t change your oil, filter, and coolant just prior to the winter, do so at this time.

· When not driving, store your car in an insulated garage to protect it not only from dirt and grim, but also to maintain even temperatures.

· Even in a garage, cover your ride with a lightweight car cover that allows for air circulation and to keep the dust off.

· Keep a couple of the windows rolled part way down to allow for air circulation and keep your ride smelling fresh.


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