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Air Conditioning: Staying Cool on Road Trips This Summer

air conditioning is vital for summer road trips

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and both kids and parents alike are looking forward to summer break. I bet many of you have already plotted out some vacation time whether it be camping, taking a road trip or visiting somewhere new. Before you start finalizing all those details and packing your bags, have you taken a moment to consider whether your car is ready for the journey awaiting your family? Warmer weather is almost here and your vehicle could easily become an unhappy place to be if your air conditioning isn’t performing optimally.

Drivers don’t often think about the state of their heating and air conditioning until something has already gone wrong. However, this part of the car needs to be regularly serviced just as much as other vital components. If you are uncertain whether or not your A/C unit is up for the challenge, or if it’s starting operating in a way that isn’t typical, it’s time to bring it in for service.

Here are some things to look for:

Sometimes the air from your vents can smell off – if you are frequently experiencing a mildew-like smell or anything that you can’t quite put your finger on, it may be time to have the A/C looked at.

Did your car’s air conditioning used to come on quickly and feel like a strong winter breeze but now it takes longer to get started and doesn’t get as cold as before? Yup, that means you need to get it serviced.

Your air conditioning should be consistent regardless of whether you are moving or stilling still. If there is an obvious fluctuation, this is a good indicator that something is up and needs to be checked out.

The last thing you are going to want is to be out on the road, in the middle of your vacation, and have your air conditioning go out on you. On the fence about it? Come in for an evaluation and get some peace of mind so that you can enjoy your upcoming summer adventures without worries!

Be Prepared for Summer – May Air Conditioning Special Offer: 

Air Conditioning Efficiency Test or Repair

Come in before May 31st to have your air conditioning tested or repaired and receive a mail in rebate for a $25.00 gift card. A/C Test Cost is $27.50 plus tax. 

What we will do: 
-Test refrigerant levels
-Inspect A/C compressor for leaks and function
-Inspect Compressor clutch for noise and function
-inspect service ports for leakage and dirt
-Inspect A/C belts for cracks or glazing
-Inspect all A/C hoses for leaks, cracks or weak spots/abrasions
-Inspect condenser for debris 
-Test vent temperature 
-Check A/C drain

But hurry, our offer ends May 31, 2017. Some restrictions apply. Most cars and light trucks. Call us for more details at (206) 745-5886.


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