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3 Signs Your Car Air Conditioning Needs Serviced

car air conditioning vent

The summer days are kicking in and the temperature is going up.  Is your air conditioning system ready for the warmer days?  Most people don’t know that their car air conditioning needs to be serviced until it’s too late and it’s not working at all.  But your car’s A/C system will usually give you some hints before it gets to that point.


Here are 3 ways to to tell if it needs serviced:

  1. The odor coming from the air conditioning smells “off.”  This is an easy one to notice.  The odor from an A/c system that needs to be serviced might smell like mildew or just a bit strange.
  2. The temperature varies when you are driving versus stopped. If you are at a red light and notice that the A/C temperature is blowing warmer or cooler than when you were driving, it could be a sign that the system is not working efficiently and needs to be inspected.
  3. The setting for the A/C doesn’t match the temperature of the air that is coming from the vent. For example, you might have the A/C set on a very cold setting, but it is only blowing lukewarm air.


Right now, in the early summer weeks, is the best time to pay attention to your A/C system and make sure it’s in good shape. You don’t want to wait and end up having it quit on the hottest day of the year. If you have any doubts, give us a call and bring it in so we can evaluate it. It usually only takes a couple of hours to service a malfunctioning car air conditioning system and get you back on the road for a cooler, more comfortable drive home.

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