Committed to Helping You Maintain Your Vehicle

At Scott Sherman Auto Care, we are committed to helping you maintain your vehicle in optimum condition and performance. This commitment to your vehicle doesn't stop when you leave our facility.

In this section of our website, you will find tips and news that you can use to help you maintain your vehicle and keep you driving safely and comfortably. Be sure to check back as these tips and news will be updated regularly.

The Full Service Oil Change - All That’s Included

Oftentimes when people take their car in for an oil change that is all they get. Why would you want more, you ask?  At Scott Sherman, we give you the full service oil change that covers a full vehicle inspection to keep your car running smooth and efficient.

In addition to changing your oil, Scott Sherman also checks the following:


Transmission fluid check

Your car’s transmission is one of the most costly systems to replace.  Low levels of transmission fluid can cause your engine to slip. Maintaining transmission fluid levels as well as keeping your fluid clean is critical in keeping out contaminants that aggravate wear on your transmission. It is much more cost efficient to add transmission fluid than it is to replace your transmission!


Coolant fluid check

Radiator coolant absorbs heat from the engine and then disperses it through the radiator.  Coolant also has rust inhibitors to prevent bits of rust that can clog the cooling system and cause corrosion and rust from the inside of your engine block. If the rust inhibitors stop working, the cooling system will rust from the inside out. The biggest source of rust in a car's cooling system is the engine block.


Brake fluid check

Your car's brake system is flushes brake fluid to the brake drums so you can safely stop your car. Your brake fluid contains protective additives that can break down and cause internal rusting of the brake lines. Having clean brake fluid and at the right levels keeps you safe on the road


 Power steering fluid check

Although it sounds obvious but if your car has power steering, it can be very difficult to steer without it. A low level or power steering fluid can cause the system to fail and a loss of control of your vehicle.


Battery check

Batteries can be subject to wear and tear much like any other critical part of your car engine.  Keeping your terminal posts clean and free of deposits will help prevent corrosion which reduces the life of your car battery.


Fuel and Air intake check

The fuel and air intake system provides the right fuel and air mix to your car’s engine. The fuel injectors must be checked to insure their proper functioning so that your engine is receiving the correct amount of fuel.


Belts and hoses check

The hoses and belts carry the various fluid and air to the necessary systems of your car. Belts must be working correctly to drive your alternator and water pump.  Belts and hoses are a few dollars compared to thousands that can be spent on systems that break down due to hose or belt failure.


Air filter and front brake check

Your engine air intake and combustion chambers must have clean air to perform well. The air filter provides this critical role of keeping dust and debris from polluting the engine and reducing the life of your vehicle.


Unless you are Fred Flintstone and use those big feet to stop your car, you need your brakes. Your brake pads function to help prevent the rotors from damage. Replacing brake pads is much less labor-intensive than replacing the rotors, not to mention the cost of striking pedestrians or other cars.  Be safe with Scott Sherman’s full service oil change.