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Summer Road Trips: Looking Ahead to Warm Weather

The dreary months of late winter/early spring tend to drive people a little crazy. With the decreased sunlight in the Seattle area, many people (ourselves included) are starting to make summer vacation plans. If you're planning on driving, do some research on potential destinations and make sure your car is well maintained before you hit the road. Here are a few ideas for summertime road trips the whole family will love:

Moab, Utah

This is a long trip and Utah summers are hot, but the beauty of the red Painted Desert in the middle of June or July is a sight to behold. From Moab itself, you're within easy distance of Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and just a couple of hours from the lush mountain ranges of Park City. Perfect for mountain biking, kayaking, camping, hiking, and straightforward outdoor exploration, Moab is one of our favorite places to visit with a load of camping gear in the trunk.

Flathead Lake

The largest freshwater lake west of the Great Lakes, this Montana gem is a day's drive from the Puget Sound region and one of the best places to spend a hot summer week. Rent a boat and do some freshwater fishing, jet skiing, or wakeboarding all while enjoying the surrounding mountain landscape. Be sure to haul your raft, boat, and other water gear, because you won't want to spend your days anywhere but on the lake itself.

Oregon Coast

For the saltwater-inclined, the easily accessible Oregon coast is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The white sandy beaches are a national treasure and the typically grey clouds tend to go away in the heat of the summer. And because they're only a few hours' drive down I-5, there's no reason this summer hotspot can't be a regular weekend getaway for you and your family.

Before you hop in the car for a long drive this spring or summer, give Scott Sherman Auto Care a call. Ensuring everything is up-to-date and working properly could be the difference between spending your vacation in a beach chair and the side of the road.