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Motorists Urged to Prepare Cars for Winter

Most people do not like to think about winter weather when temperatures are still in the 70s. However, while winter weather denial might be fine for people, motorists should not deny their cars the simple preparation needed to help keep them running properly this winter.

"Vehicle stress and strain increases greatly during the winter months," said Steve Nolan, spokesman for AAA Chicago. "Minor deficiencies have the potential to turn into major problems. So, it's extremely important for motorists to take precautions before the weather gets too cold."

Last year 70 percent of vehicles tested in a AAA winter preparedness program had a deficiency of some sort, an increase over previous years. The most common problems were dirty air filters; dirty or low motor oil; worn belts, hoses and wiper blades; and insufficient anti-freeze strength.

Here are the items that should be checked before winter. Check the:

1. Battery for loose cables and corroded terminals.
2. Anti-freeze for strength in the radiator overflow reservoir.
3. Oil level with the vehicle's dipstick.
4. Brake fluid level.
5. Power steering fluid level.
6. Automatic transmission fluid level.
7. All belts and hoses for pliability and to make sure they are crack and defect free.
8. Air filter.
9. Windshield washer fluid level.
10. Windshield wipers to make sure they clean the windshield completely.
11. Lights and turn signals.
12. Tire tread wear and inflate if necessary.
13. Spare for proper inflation.

Source: American Automobile Association (AAA)