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At Scott Sherman Auto Care, we are committed to helping you maintain your vehicle in optimum condition and performance. This committment to your vehicle doesn't stop when you leave our facility.

In this section of our website, you will find tips and news that you can use to help you maintain your vehicle and keep you driving safely and comfortably. Be sure to check back as these tips and news will be updated regularly.

June Blog for Scott Sherman Auto Care:

Do You Share Our Love of American Cars?

65 years

It’s no surprise that we have a passion for automobiles and the people who drive them. For 65 years, our mission at Scott Sherman Auto Care has always been to provide the most professional, complete and personal automotive care in the Pacific Northwest. We do that, not just because it’s good business and great customer service, but because our hearts beat to the pulse of American craftsmanship, dedication, and ingenuity. 
As the birth of our great nation approaches, we take the time to thank those who came before us. William C. Durant’s pioneering days in the development of General Motors and founding of Chevrolet paved the way for some of the most beautiful American machines on the market. Henry Ford’s incredible automobile ingenuity began with the invention of a Quadricycle, a four wheeled bicycle carriage. His foundation work in the Detroit Automobile Company changed the nation, and so did his push for fair wages. He believed that quality craftsmanship came with pride in your work, and proved it by raising employee wages in 1952 when everyone else was trying to cut costs. Our forefathers’ legacy continues today in a melding of smart car innovations and classic design.
There’s nothing like the grit of American muscle or the sleek rides of the 1920s and 30s classic coupes. Do you love American Cars as much as we do? If so, let us know your favorite rides on our Facebook page. We’re celebrating our 65 year anniversary with wonderful history, great facts, and cars we love. 
Looking for summer tips? We have them ready to go! 
As summer rolls in, so will the auto-shows! Are you participating in any of them? We have a great post with a basic checklist on how to get your ride ready for the show. 
If you’re taking a summer road trip, don’t forget to do some personal car maintenance. Our checklist can help keep you on track. 
Does your air conditioning need service? Check out these three signs that you may have A/C issues! 
Don’t forget to check out  our specials. We want to make your experience one to remember.