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How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving

Driving in the Pacific Northwest during the winter requires a specific skillset: you must be an attentive, cautious, and prepared driver. Our climate generally provides us with cold temperatures, sheets of rain, and even ice and snow during the winter months. But preparing yourself for winter driving is only one part of the process. Getting your car ready for cold, nasty road conditions is especially important. Here's how we recommend you prepare your car for winter driving:


Getting new wiper blades, a full-service fluid change, and winter tires can be the difference between keeping your car on the road and spinning out into the snow. Make sure you invest in winterized engine oil and some gas line antifreeze to ensure your car starts up and runs smoothly in cold temperatures. And if you plan to cross Snoqualmie Pass a few times this season, make sure you have chains (and know how to put them on). Practice putting on and taking off chains in your garage or driveway before you trudge out into the snow. Oh, and did we mention you should check your heater?


Keep a small tool kit, emergency first aid, extra blankets, boots, and a shovel in your trunk at all times (some food and water would be handy, too). Check your spare tire to see if it's up to snuff - hanging out on the side of the road while a tow truck comes doesn't sound like a great way to spend holiday travel. On a more fun note, since bad roads mean slower speeds, you'll be spending more time in the car. Pick up an audiobook or find a couple of fun road games to play with the rest of your crew while you huddle for warmth. Getting a new thermos for hot cocoa or coffee wouldn't be a bad idea, either.

Plan Accordingly

Check the weather forecasts and current road conditions. Snoqualmie Pass has live camera feeds that let you see the current conditions on the pass alongside weather information to help you plan your trip accordingly. We know everyone's excited to get to Grandma's house, but sometimes waiting until morning may be a better, safer option. If you do decide to face rough roads, keep your loved ones informed of your current status and have emergency contact information readily available in your car in case of an accident or car troubles (that means numbers for tow trucks and repair services along your route, too).

To get your car ready for winter road conditions this season, contact the professionals at Scott Sherman Auto Care today. You can even schedule an appointment online for either our Shoreline or Seattle locations!

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