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How to Deal With Dust in your Car’s Interior

The hot, dry weather in the summer months is wonderful for family outings and vacation events, but it can take its toll on your car interior.  There are some steps you can take to help reduce the dust to start with to reduce the damage from ongoing dust until you can do a heavy duty, deep clean down the road.  As dirt and dust remains on your upholstery and in the carpets, it does damage and is tougher to remove; therefore, it is important to reduce the dust as you go along. 

Keep an auto hand vac and microfiber cloth easily accessible in your car just for this purpose.  If they are there, you will use them more than if you have to take the time to head into the garage to find supplies. Pull them out while at the pump filling with gas and give the most used places a quick “-de-dusting” to keep ongoing dust and dirt at a minimum.

If your car seems to accumulate a lot of dust quickly, there may be other issues that are causing this.  Look into them to reduce the amount of dust that actually makes it into your car.

  • Check the door and window seals to be sure they are in good condition
  • Make sure no mice have made friendly little nests in your vents
  • Check your cabin filter and if you have not replaced it in the last 6 months, do so at this time.

Do not use ordinary household soap or glass cleaner on interior surfaces!  It can permanently affect the sheen and damage the surfaces. Use a cleaner specifically formulated for a vehicle’s interior such as Interior surface cleaner by Auto Geek.  They claim it works on all interior surfaces, even carpets.  However, we recommend using a cleaner specifically for carpets, but the Total Interior Cleaner gets rave reviews for dashboard, plastics, vinyl,  and other interior surfaces. 

There is a wonderful tool called the Dash Duster that has a handy wedge shape for getting into those tough corners and really lifts off the dust.

Regardless of which interior cleaning products you use, ALWAYS avoid silicone-based protectants as they leave an oily residue which in turn attracts dust.  Your dashboard can take on a yellow cast over time with the use of these products.  Water-based protectants and cleaners are the safest for your ride.

In addition to the quick de-dusting mentioned above, now is the time to tackle the deeper dust and dirt that have accumulated so far this summer, before they get ground in too deeply.  Allow 45 minutes to really take time to clean all surfaces, paying attention to tight spots that are harder to get into.

Cleaning supplies to have on hand:

  • Microfiber cloth  
  • Hand vac with narrow attachments for getting into those tight crevices.
  • Leather cleaner.
  • Upholstery and carpet cleaner

Make sure when you are cleaning that you focus on the following areas that can be easily missed when doing the quick dusting:

  • Corners of the dashboard and instrument panels
  • Door panels including the cup holders and handles
  • Backs and edges of vinyl seats

Do your dusting now and you can continue to enjoy the rest of the summer months of playing in the sun when you know your interior is dust free not sustaining damage until you do your fall interior clean up.