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Back to School – Don’t Forget About Your Car Maintenance!

In the frenzy of getting your kids’ school books and supplies in order for the start of the new school year, it’s easy to neglect some of the other things in your life that need attention. But after a summer of long road trips or toting your family around to various barbecues and summer activities, your car is probably in need of some TLC to help you make it through the fall. And if your child is headed off to college or will be driving to high school this year, their vehicle also needs some attention.

Ask yourself the following questions, and follow our tips to make sure your car is ready for the back to school season!

When did I last have an oil change? It’s easy to forget about that little sticker in the upper left corner of your windshield. If it’s been more than a couple hundred miles since you passed that 3,000-mile marker from your last change, that’s a clear sign that it is time to schedule one! Delaying too long on an oil change can seriously damage your engine and cause extensive (and expensive) damage to your car over time.

Are there any indicator lights on? Your car is trying to help save you a lot of money and headache by warning you of a possible problem before it becomes a gigantic one. Pay attention to any indicator lights and know what they mean, then take your car in for mechanical or electronic servicing as needed.

What is level of the tread on my tires? As the rainy season commences, you’ll want to avoid slipping on the road as much as possible. Your tires’ tread is the key to safety when driving on wet roads, so if it’s below 2/32” it’s definitely time to replace them! For more information and tips on how to measure the depth, visit Good Year’s website.

Have I heard any strange noises or liquid stains? Sometimes strange noises can creep up on you, and other times it’s a sudden change. Test out the noises by turning on the fans, A/C and heat and listen to the car with the hood open. Pay attention to any strange wheezing, screeching or banging, and take your car into a shop if the noises persist. You should also make note of any new liquid stains on your garage floor, or wherever you park your car, for new leaks. Puddles or drops might be evidence of a leak of antifreeze or oil, which could become a much bigger problem.

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