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Avoid These Costly Car Mistakes After a Snow Storm

While we're enjoying our typical extra-moist winter months in Seattle once again, anyone who has been travelling this season knows the treachery that winter weather can bring. Snoqualmie and much of the mountain west received a tremendous amount of snow fall so far this winter - over 300 inches of cumulative snowpack over Snoqualmie Pass as of February 16th! After such significant winter weather events, it's important to keep your car well-maintained and ready to go or it could end up costing you big. Here are a few ways to avoid an expensive trip to the mechanic's shop:

Replace Your Hoses and Wipers

Rubber hoses and seals have a tendency to break down or wear out during cold weather, which could leave a motorist stranded in dangerous circumstances. While breakdowns are unfortunate and frightening, emergency crews often consider them low priority during significant snow events with multiple accidents. A poorly maintained vehicle will illicit very little sympathy from emergency crews, so do yourself (and them) a favor before you head out on the road again this winter.

Restock Your Emergency Kit

Beyond the typical first aid kit, water bottles, and snacks found in most vehicle emergency kits, you'll want to make sure you've got extra tire chains, window scrapers, wiper blades, engine oil, and tire pressure gauges. Don't forget - your spare tire deserves some attention lest you suffer a blowout or flat. There's little worse than ending up on the side of a snow-packed road without a spare tire, after all.

Park Smart, Drive Smart

Snowplows are understandably given wide berth during winter weather events, but every year there are a handful of drivers who don't think twice about where they park or how they drive around snowplows. Plows tend to work fast and don't tend to stop for minor collisions or illegally parked drivers, so it can be very difficult to identify and locate snowplows that collide with parked cars while on the job. After the next major snow storm, think twice about where you're leaving your vehicle or you may discover a costly repair waiting for you in the morning.

For more automotive maintenance tips to help you survive the remaining winter months, contact Scott Sherman Auto Care or schedule an appointment for your vehicles today!

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