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5 Reasons Why Your Teenager’s First Car Should Be a Classic

As graduation season and the freedom of summer approaches, car buying season continues to sneak up on unsuspecting parents, grandparents, and relatives. If your teenager hasn’t already placed a lockdown on your family car’s set of keys, you know the thrill of the open road and rolled down windows won’t keep them there for much longer.

Choosing a first car for your child is more than an investment in their safety and education as a driver - it’s a major milestone in a person’s life. While they may have ideas about what car they want and how they’ll pay for it, your responsibility as a parent is to provide them with a safe, reliable form of transportation that they can use as a learning tool before moving onto bigger and better things. Widely overlooked in the “first car” category are classic American cars that, yes, need some work, but bear with us: the benefits of choosing a classic car as your child’s first may surprise you.

They’re Cheap

While used car lots seem like the go-to spot for your child’s first vehicle, they’ve probably already scoped out plenty of makes and models online and have a pretty good idea of how to access them. Ebay Motors has plenty of models from BMW, Jaguar, and Mercedes-Benz for under $3,000 - a steal compared to the used car lot. While you can assume every classic car you find will need a certain amount of work to get running reliably, you can also use these starter cars as a low-risk learning opportunity for your teenager. After all, nothing says “trustworthy, responsible car owner” like someone who can diagnose and repair their vehicle’s problems on their own.

They’re Affordable

Most classic cars will need replacement parts and occasional repairs, which is good news for your first-time car owner. Parts to service these cars are often hard to come by, but affordable thanks to the reach and breadth of the Internet. Before you sit down and make a decision, do some research on aftermarket parts and accessories. Is the make of the car a popular one? Is there a community for enthusiasts who share repair tips and ideas? You don’t want to be saddled with a lemon, so you’ll want to make this decision carefully.

They’re Safe

Unfortunately, many modern vehicles produced today contain aluminum frames to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency. Older cars and trucks use steel throughout the car - not just the safety cages. If you’re unsure about the safety ratings of the car you’re considering, check out to learn about the safety ratings of older and newer cars.

They’re Beautiful

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but everyone can agree - a shiny classic ride is something to appreciate and cherish. Even if your child is more contemporary in their tastes in cars, a few years driving a classic car can help instill an appreciation in the history of automobiles and help them define a style of their own. Plus, if the paint needs some work, it’s a great opportunity to teach your child about body work and detailing whether you choose to perform a paint job together or hire a professional (which, as it turns out, isn’t as expensive as you’d think).

They’re an Investment

Classic cars go one of two ways: either they become a rewarding investment in the future or a money sink that never ends. Unfortunately, you’ll never really know for sure until you pull the trigger and drive the car for a few years, but the potential payoff on a low-cost classic ride could be huge. Enough time, effort, and money could result in a car worth taking to your local classic car show, where collectors and enthusiasts may make your kid an offer they can’t refuse.

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