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5 Common Reasons Why Cars Break Down

Your car is one of the most important aspects of your life, getting you and your family between work, school, and important events. The complexities of the machine you're operating on a daily basis means it will inevitably break down at some point. There are hundreds of reasons why your car won't start, but here are the most common vehicle issues we see on a daily basis:

1. Dead Batteries

The most common reason why your car won't start is definitely related to a battery issue. Whether it's a wiring problem, a dying battery, or a simple case of corrosion, this is the first place any skilled mechanic will look for problems.

2. No Gas

Sometimes the most bone-headed answer is the right one. Every car owner has experienced the slow lurch to a stop that comes with an empty gas tank, so no judgment if this is your first time. Just check the fuel gauge on a regular basis and you should be in the clear.

3. Dirty Fuel Filter

A dirty or clogged fuel filter means gas can't reach your engine, so you should make sure you change your fuel filter once every 10,000 to 15,000 miles.

4. Bad Ignition Switch

If your battery is fine (are your headlights on?), then the culprit is likely your ignition switch.

5. Broken Starter

If your car is in otherwise adequate condition but you hear a clicking sound whenever you try to start it up, your starter is the likely cause of your problems.

To ensure you and your family has a smooth experience on the road this summer, bring your car into Scott Sherman Auto Care for a pre-road trip check-up. Our technicians can expertly diagnose your vehicle's issues and perform preventative maintenance to help you avoid future roadside disasters. Give us a call or use the contact form to make an appointment today!

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