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4 Automotive Maintenance Resolutions for the New Year

2016 is here and people are already well underway working toward their personal and wellness goals for the New Year. While fitness is a major focus for New Year's Resolutions, establishing some smaller, less critical goals can save you a lot of money and headaches in the New Year. From the professionals at Scott Sherman Auto Care, here are a few automotive maintenance resolutions for you and your car this year:

Drive Smarter

Fuel efficiency isn't gleaned only from better engines and fuel systems - driving smarter and more efficiently can provide a major boost to your car's fuel economy and reduce the wear and tear on its internal components. Avoiding speeding, aggressive driving, and stop-and-go situations can have a major impact on your wallet all year round, so make a goal to relax and drive efficiently in 2016.

Schedule Maintenance in Advance

You schedule your dentist, optometrist, and general physician appointments throughout the calendar year - why shouldn't you also plan your car's upkeep and maintenance visits? Planning ahead to keep your car up and running will help you avoid costly and frustrating automotive troubles all year long and keep the importance of proper car maintenance at top-of-mind.

Don't Ignore the Lights

A check engine warning light is an annoyance for many a car owner, but ignoring the alert when nothing appears to be wrong isn't a wise move. Rather than letting it go until problems arise, keep your car and your passengers safe by investigating those warning lights earlier rather than later.

Keep It Clean

This goes for the inside as well as the outside. Not only is a cluttered car a health concern for inside air quality, it can make your vehicle a target for car prowlers. Removing any excess weight from the inside of your car can also help reduce the amount of strain placed on its systems, but ensuring a clean and consistent exterior will also help preserve its protective and aesthetic paint job, so don't be afraid to bust out the soap and bucket.

For more automotive maintenance tips or to schedule a vehicle checkup, contact Scott Sherman Auto Care at our Seattle or Shoreline facilities and start the New Year off right. Happy 2016!

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